Yuroz’s “Woman With Pearls” Bronze Sculpture

“Woman with Pearls”, bronze with silver leaf finish, 14″ (36 cm) H, limited edition: 13, Yuroz 2018.


“Woman with Pearls” is Yuroz’s first limited edition small sculpture release in 2018, celebrating a woman’s genteel elegance and the natural balance between her sensibility and sensuality.

Yuroz  masterfully fuses multiple crescent moon shapes in the “Woman with Pearls”, likening the inner pools of energy and light of the female with the magnetism of the moon.  The lunar moon and her cycles are symbolic of the female fertility and the incredible power of regeneration from within.

“Woman with Pearls” presents two states of Yuroz’s female.  The left face represents her meditative romantic and idealist sensuality, with her crescent-shaped dreamy eyes drifting away from any focus but has indefinite depth.  The right face offers the balance of her realistic pragmatic and rational sensibility, with her commanding eye, showing her ability to masterfully melt all that comes her way with intent.

A minimalist design with a sense of volume, the “Woman with Pearls” teases its viewers’ minds with the interplay between the positive and negative space. The ever changing mood of this sculpture is highlighted by the reflections on the silver-leafed surface as the light in the room or the sun from the outside bounces off the surface of her crescent-shaped face.

As we fill in the blanks between the amorous lines and curves of Yuroz’s “Woman with Pearls”, we inadvertently find ourselves connecting with her complex male and female energy at a deeper level.